Value Creation

We believe in building partnerships and adding value in each of our investments with a long-term focus on supporting the needs of owners and managers of middle market companies.

Tailored Investments For Value-Creation and Capital Growth

We have the ability to customize investments to meet the unique needs of each situation while providing a value-added partnership to the companies in which we invest.

Our approach to lending is based on a commitment to thoroughly understand the business objectives of a company, and to present flexible, customized capital solutions that best meet the needs of the company, its management team, and its owner(s).

Access to Infrastructure and Resources of a Large Platform

OFS Capital Corporation benefits from OFS Capital Management’s wide range of resources, including but not limited to: expertise investing across the U.S. corporate loan market; underwriting; technical resources; and a seasoned investment team.

Long-Term Growth

OFS Capital Corporation has the potential to grow investment income as our portfolio is rotated into investments that yield higher income, which leads to stronger loan selection and better lender protections.

Our experienced management team has underwritten through multiple credit cycles and has long-standing relationships with intermediaries, business owners and financial sponsors.